Our scientific activity was acknowledged through the presentations at the world congresses organized by the International Union of Phlebology in Paris, London, Montreal, etc.
In our country, one of the permanent concerns were the promotion, development and recognition of phlebology as a research discipline in the medical-surgical field. Starting from the scientific sessions organized by U.S.S.M Timișoara, where the members of the “Phlebology Circle” monthly communicated 4-5 scientific papers presenting the achievements in the field, the Romanian Society of Phlebology, based in Timișoara, promoted annually over 40 scientific works, on various topics in venous pathology. From 1981-1989, the publications of the Union of Medical Scientific Societies contained over 400 articles in this field, succeeding during this time, in raising the awareness of doctors from all specialties to the challenges and outcomes of this specialty. In addition to these, other possibilities of promoting were the publications in other medical or surgical journals, publications in the summaries of national or international scientific events, etc. Valuable fundamental researches were presented at the international phlebological congresses regarding the etiology of: varicose veins of the lower limbs, postphlebitic disease, the exploration in dynamics, documented by imaging, of the general and selective venous system.

A special contribution to the development of phlebology and scientific research in the field, with excellent international presence, was supported by the aid of the recognized masters in the field from Cluj: A. Kauffmann, A. Andercou, S. Rădulescu, I. Gherman, Fl. Galea, C. Ciuce, A. Mironiuc, I. Zagrean, etc.

The Bucharest Medical Center has been active in the vascular field at two distinct levels. The school of cardio-vascular surgery led by Pop D. Popa Ioan, from the Fundeni Hospital, establishing itself in the field of cardiac and peripheral arterial surgery. During that period, they also developed two exceptional monographs: The arterial-aortic system and the Pathology of the inferior cava vein system.

On the second phlebology level, through Dr. H. Angelescu, regarding the surgical aspects, there were excellent collaborative relations with the phlebology society. In fact, H. Angelescu is the promoter of a surgical method of hemodynamic phlebectomy from the 60s, almost 10 years ahead of the C.H.I.V.A. method proposed by Cl. Franceschi. The distinguished Dr. Gh. Bucur, a dermatologist, also worked on the same phlebological level, carrying out a high-quality medical phlebological activity. The two brilliant doctors were considered the master creators of the phlebological schools.

The Craiova Medical Center through Voicu Tănase, the author of the monograph “Calf ulcer” promoted surgical phlebology throughout Oltenia.

Petru Ignat together with the staff of the First Surgery Clinic and collaborators from other medical specialties (Radiology, Intensive Care, Morphopathology) have permanently improved the methods of diagnosis and treatment of the venous diseases. The recognition of these achievements objectified after P. Ignat and the collaborators: E. Caba, N. Bota, M. Teodorescu, J. Avram, V. Ivan, N. Mocanu, Didina Toma published, at the Academy Publishing House, Bucharest 1985, the monograph “Surgery of the venous system of the lower limbs” appreciated by specialists as an excellent work. At the Facla Publishing House in Timisoara, in 1987, P. Ignat, as sole author, published the monograph “Chronic venous insufficiency”. The two monographs occupied a precise site, that of phlebology. These two monographs came to complete the studies and researches elaborated by P. Brînzeu 25 years ago.