Dear friends,

Who are we?

From a legislative point of view, we are a scientific, non-profit, non-governmental society as a legal entity, which was officially established following the sentence given by the Timișoara Court on February 14th, 1992, with headquarters in The First Surgery Clinic of the County Clinical Hospital of Emergency “Pius Brînzeu” Timisoara.

We are a society with tradition in Romania that appeared as a result of significant needs regarding phlebology in Romania:

  • strengthening links between doctors, associations or societies that have a special interest in the study and treatment of venous diseases;
  • training and continuing medical education of doctors dealing with venous pathology (phlebologists), as well as teaching staff dealing with teaching phlebology;
  • encouraging studies and research on venous diseases
  • promoting consensus on all aspects of venous pathology;
  • promoting joint meetings with a scientific purpose and national congresses with international participation;
  • carrying out a high-quality treatment of varicose veins and the complications of this disease taking into consideration the existence of a significant percentage of people with this pathology and which, along with the evolution of medicine and Romanian society, requires the most modern and at the same time the most appropriate therapeutic behavior.

We are doctors, both senior and specialist doctors, experienced, trained, with rich knowledge regarding venous pathology, diagnosis and specialized surgical treatment in this field, from classical methods to the most modern ones, minimally invasive ones, that had come along with medical progress.

We are a team put together by the same principles and values, by respect we provide, with the aim of finding the best, most appropriate solutions in the treatment of venous pathology, in order for the patient to be fully satisfied with result.

Within the society, the National Phlebology Congress takes place annually, with international participation, and respectively the National Phlebology Conference, in which surgeons, dermatologists, cardiologists, radiologists and students of the Timișoara University of Medicine and Pharmacy take part, the event being a tradition recognized nationally and internationally. At the congress that we organize, papers regarding phlebology-related topics are presented, news from the medical field being brought, these being published in specialized journals from the country and abroad.

The Romanian Society of Phlebology is affiliated to IUP (International Union of Phlebology) under whose auspices we organize the scientific events.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in our work and we are looking forward to creating beneficial collaborations together in the future!