Prof. Sergio Gianesini – MD, PhD, FACS

University of Ferrara – ITALY
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda – USA
Global Care Hospital Vein-Lymphatic Institute co-Director (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
International Union of Phlebology (World Society of Phlebology, UIP) 2023-2027 president
v-WIN foundation president

Pier Luigi Antignani, MD, PhD, FIUA, FRSM, FESVM, DFAVF
Professor of Vascular Medicine, Phlebology and Non Invasive Investigation

He is Director of vascular center of Nuova Villa Claudia in Rome;
– President of the Central European Vascular Forum;
– President of the International Union of Angiology foundation;
– Immediate past President of the International Union of Angiology;
– Past General Secretary of International Union of Phlebology;
– President of Italian Vascular Foundation;
– President of the Italian Society of Vascular Medicine;
– Honorary President of Italian Society for Vascular Investigation;
– Editor in Chief of Acta Phlebologica journal;
– Co-editor in Chief of Vascular Investigation Therapy journal;
– Member of Editorial Committee of International Angiology;
– Honorary member of Panamerican Society of Phlebology and Lymphology;
– Fellow of the International Union of Angiology;
– Fellow of the European Society of Vascular Medicine;
– Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine;
– Emeritus fellow of the American Venous Forum.
– he is at present coordinator of master in Angiology by “Università Sapienza” of Rome.

Athanasios D. Giannoukas, MD, DTh, MSc, PhD, FEBVS

Professor of Vascular Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Thessaly
Head, Vascular Surgery Dpt., University Hospital of Larissa, Greece
Director, Institute of Vascular Diseases, Greece
Secretary General of European Venous Forum

Elena Goranova

Consultant vascular surgery
Medical center Hubcha
Sofia, Bulgaria

Tanja Planinšek Ručigaj, MD, PhD, primarius, assistant professor, senior councilor

Head of Dermatovenereological Clinic, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Head of Centre for Lymphology, Phlebology and Chronic Wounds at Dermatovenerology Clinic in Ljubljana
President of Balkan Venous Forum from nov. 2022
President of Slovenian Phlebological and Lymphological society;
Vice-president of Wound Management Association of Slovenia
Assistant professor at the Faculty of Health, Angela Boškin, Jesenice, Slovenia; where teach the course Dermatovenereology and the elective course Chronic Wounds
Member of the Expert Council of the Association of Vascular Disease in the Slovenian
Member of the Extended expert college for dermatovenerology at the Ministry of Health of Slovenia
Representative of Slovenia in UEMS for Wounds Healing »MJC Wound Healing« (since 2017)
Treasurer in UEMS for Wounds Healing »MJC Wound Healing« (since 2022)
Member EAFWH
Treasurer at EcoP
Board member of ECoP
The representative of Slovenia in the VASCERN network, in the ERN network of rare diseases in Europe, in the part of PPL, ie the network for primary pediatric lymphedema.
An honorary member of the Dermatovenerological Society of Montenegro.
An honorary member of the Dermatovenerological Society of North Macedonia
A member of the Editorial board of Uterus & Ovary magazine (since 2015)
A member of the Main Expert Board at the Slovenian Medical Association since 2021
Member of EWMA Wound Centre Endorsement Committee since 2022
Member of the AIDS commission at the Ministry of Health
Member of the Working Group for the preparation of a development strategy for the field of chronic wounds, ostomies and incontinence until 2035 at the Ministry of Health.

Prof. Dr. Imre Bihari, MD.Ph.D.
General and vascular surgery specialist

Membership of Societies:
Hungarian Society for Angiology and Vascular Surgery
Hungarian Society for Surgery
Hungarian Dermatological Society
International College of Surgeons
International College of Angiology (Scientific Council member)
International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies
Groupement Europeen de Lymphologie
New York Academy of Sciences
European Phlebo Club (president in 2002)

Membership of Scientific Committees of Congresses:
World Congress of Phlebology (UIP) London, 1995
World Congress of Phlebology (UIP) Sydney, 1998
World Congress of Phlebology (UIP) Rome, 2001
European Congress of Phlebology, Bremen, 1999
Panamerican Phlebology and Lymphology Congress, Cordoba (Argentina) 2000

Invited speaker
Annual Conference of Slovakian Society for Angiology 2003
Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand society for Phlebology 2004

Professor Ayman M. Fakhry, MD, PhD

Professor of Vascular Surgery, Egyptian Military Academy
Founder and President of Egyptian Venous Forum
General Secretary of Vascular Society of Egypt
Editor-in-chief of Egyptian Journal of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery
Co-editor of Acta Phlebologica
Consultant of Vascular Surgery, Egyptian Ministry of Health
Harvard University Alumni, USA
Fellow of Emory University, Atlanta, GA-USA
Fellow od Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Denver, CO-USA

Prof. Dr. Milan Matić, MD, PhD

University of Novi Sad · Clinic of Dermatovenereology
Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Clinic of Dermatovenereology Diseases

Professor Nenad Ilijevski, MD, PhD

Head of the Vascular Surgery Clinic at the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases „Dedinje”
Professor of Vascular Vurgery at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Serbian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
European Society for Vascular Surgery
Medical Academy of the Serbian Medical Society


Dr. Slobodan Tanaskovic, MD, PhD

Vascular Surgery Clinic, “Dedinje” Cardiovascular Institute
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Belgrade University
Senior Research Associate